Piccolori Colouring Sets

Everything you need to make orginal art including 12 coloured pencils, a graphite pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, 24 images to colour, a colour illustration guide and a leaflet with helpful hints on colouring.

How to Piccolori

Choose an image you would like to colour from the colour illustration guide. Find the corresponding grey-scale version of the image on one of the 24 cards supplied. Use the high quality coloured pencils to gradually cover with colour. Piccolori allows the freedom to use one or more colours to cover directly over the grey background area printed on each card. The result obtained is unique every time. In this way the gradual development of a ‘picture’ is therefore freer, because the artist is using his or her inspiration to produce a unique and


A Selection of Piccolori Titles

In the Garden

24 beautiful garden flowers and plants to colour

Rail Transport

24 images of favourite and famous engines and trains to colour


A mixture of African and Asian animals including many favourites to colour

By the Sea

Commonly found shells, fish and creatures of the seashore to colour

By the River

Birds, insects, flowers, leaves and mammals to colour

Field & Forest

A selction of 24 animals, insects, flowers and more to colour


24 beautiful butterflies, native to North West Europe to colour

Garden Birds

Garden Birds : 24 commonly found garden birds to colour

More Information

Editions françaises

Piccolori, c’est une manière unique de colorier.  Coloriez selon vos capacités, et réalisez votre propre oeuvre d’art.  Utilisez une ou plusieurs couleurs pour recouvrir peu

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Deutsche Fassung

Piccolori ist ein einzigartiges Malerlebnis! Große und kleine Künstler bemalen die Vorlagen entsprechend ihrer Fähigkeiten und schaffen so ihr ganz eigenes kleines Kunstwerk. Piccolori Mal-Sets

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Titles in English

In each Piccolori compact colouring set you will find everything to create your own beautiful art: 24 shaded cards, 12 coloured pencils, a graphite pencil,

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Let us know via the contact page if you have a piece of Piccolori art you would like to be featured here


The panda is one of the animals in Piccolori Safari

Splashy Dolphin

This lively dolphin is from Piccolori By the Sea

Splashy Dolphin

A lovely colouring of Queen Victoria wearing tartan from the Kings & Queens of England Piccolori



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