How to Piccolori

Choose an image you would like to colour from the colour illustration guide.  Find the corresponding grey-scale version of the image on one of the 24 cards supplied.  Use the high quality coloured pencils to gradually cover with colour.

Piccolori allows the freedom to use one or more colours to cover directly over the grey background area printed on each card.   The result obtained is unique every time.  In this way the gradual development of a ‘picture’ is therefore freer, because the artist is using his or her inspiration to produce a unique and personal work of art.  To this end, the pencils provided in each set have a high wax content which makes application and colour mixing easier.
The light grey image on each card corresponds to a colour illustration in the accompanying leaflet and this is used as a general reference guide.  The back of each card is presented in postcard format with information about the image including common name, Latin name (if appropriate) and/or date, and an interesting fact or comment.

For a full list of titles and to purchase please visit Piccolori at Heritage Playing Cards